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You love the look of a well-kept yard, but between work, running errands and caring for your family, you barely have time to pull fire up the lawn mower. When you add home repairs on top of that, taking care of your property becomes a full-time job. Instead of stressing over your leaky faucet or peeling paint jobs, turn to Salazar's Landscaping and Painting. We offer comprehensive painting, handyman and lawn care services in the Buxton, ME area. Rely on us to treat your property like our own-with the utmost care.

Call 207-650-1271 now to learn more about our lawn care services. We offer a full warranty on every service we provide.

Why choose Salazar's Landscaping and Painting?

Salazar's Landscaping and Painting is dedicated to providing clients in the Buxton, ME area with superior painting, handyman and lawn care services. You can count on us to take care of your property because:

We're experienced-we've been serving the greater Portland area for over 10 years

We're passionate-we put your safety and satisfaction above all else

We're versatile-we work for both commercial and residential clients

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